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Here are some examples of the songs we've written

At A Song For Her, we make it easy to say what you really mean. You select the song that best fits your relationship.  Fill out our questionnaire and give us all the specifics we need to begin crafting your very own song. A Song For Her is that special something you’ve been trying to find for that special someone. Best of all, it will be cherished for years to come.

All songs are recorded in a full-service studio on Nashville’s famous Music Row.  There are no drum machines or synthesized sounds – only real, ‘live’ instrumentation is used to make your song as professional as what you hear on the radio!  In fact, the very same musicians you hear on the radio or on your favorite CD’s, on stage in concert or on televised awards shows, are the actual players performing on YOUR song.  Top-notch quality is what you get at A Song For Her. 

Imagine the one you love hearing how much he or she means to you.  And best of all, they get to hear it again and again because it is lovingly preserved in a beautiful song!  

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